The Day North South East West Lines Went on Strike

It was a pretty much normal weekday evening where everyone was practically going home or somewhere. Unfortunately, there was a power outage that lasted hours. While those in the train stations were able to leave the station, those stuck in the middle of the tracks had to deal with lack of air con, limited air supply, and the growing heat in the trains. If it were just a few minutes, it would have been fine but it took hours to rectify and the whole thing became a saga.


People started complaining about various things and a lot more. However, out of this incident, there came a few silver linings. Free rides were offered to those who were stuck. Free drinks given to those waiting. Some tried to direct the crowd. Free bus rides that would crowd the buses. Kind strangers sharing a mini bus just to get home.

It shows what we do during such a crisis. Despite the negativity, people were just trying to get home in the end. Some even offered free taxi rides to those were going in the same direction. I guess the MRT does need a rest now and then. Perhaps it decided to go on strike on that particular day at a particular time. Of all times, peak hours where thousands were affected.

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