Back to Reading

I haven’t been reading books for a long time and I recently started again. I felt like I was returning to my old friend despite a different location. I still choose my books by feel. I will just walk to a random aisle, mostly fiction, and just pick a book. If the first few pages doesn’t make me want to continue reading, I would put the book back and go to the next one. The books that are placed at the bottom shelves are normally neglected by me, unfortunately.


Thus, I started with Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol”. I believe that it’s the 3rd book for the Robert Langdon series. I’ve read “The Da Vinci Code” and even the movie but the movie couldn’t make me appreciate the book. If I had watched the movie before reading the book, I would not have bothered reading. Perhaps, the movie script just couldn’t do justice to the book itself.

I have tried reading ebooks, mostly those that are free, and I can’t appreciate them. Perhaps, the reason why I was never crazy over Kindle. All these reading helps me in my writing. Not blogging. Writing as in writing stories that I have at random times. I started to read books that are not written by Singaporeans and Singaporeans. After reading a few, there is a vast difference between Singaporean writing style and other writing styles. Singaporeans mostly write the action part or the exciting part about halfway through the book. Non Singaporeans start from the first chapter or second chapter and somehow, they manage to keep the book exciting to the last chapter.

Singapore writers tend to use less bombastic words. I am truly a Singaporean writer since I have my current novel in progress where the real action has yet to start and I keep having a lot of ideas on the progress of the story despite writing down my outline previously. Having encountered obstacles recently, I realise that I have kept my dreams buried for too long and now, I will fulfill them because life is short.

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