Infinite Gratitude

I love this phrase, “感激不尽”. To translate, it means the person is utterly grateful to someone who had saved the person from some disaster or helped pay off a huge debt which is also a kind of disaster, think Ah Longs splashing red paints on your front door. This phrase when used in certain situations such as those period dramas whereby a hero saves a girl from being raped or danger, the girl’s father or parents are also grateful. For example, the sentence below can show some insight.



My daughter’s life is saved because of you, Li is utterly grateful, hero. To repay you, Li would like to betroth her to you so that she can spend the rest of her life with you.

The above example is due to the fact that I watch too many period dramas. How can I resist the period dramas when the highly skilled heroes and villains can fly here and there, including jump across great chasms and survive falls from cliffs?

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