Why Sengkang Crematorium May Not be a Bad Thing

After having just completed the final procedures for my late aunt, I think it is a reasonable place for Sengkang to have its own crematorium. Frankly speaking, waking up at the ungodly hours of 5am during the Ching Ming Festival just to board the chartered bus to go all the way to Lim Chu Kang for praying to the ancestors is a ridiculous idea. It is 5am on a weekend because most of us are working on weekdays.


Perhaps, the fine print was just too finely printed on the brochures that the people who balloted successfully for Fernvale were caught off guard. The dispute began when they realised that there will be a crematorium within the temple premises. Seriously, think for a minute or more. Do you really want to be buried at Mandai Crematorium where it’s much more difficult for your descendants to access if they don’t have the means to buy a car?

If you really hate to be living next to a crematorium, sell that flat after 5 years of living in there. On another note, a crematorium needs money to help you maintain that slot you will have to put the urn of your loved ones. You can’t really expect free service, right? As humans, and Singaporeans, we have been given the convenience of having shopping centres nearby, hawker centres nearby, schools nearby and practically, what a living human needs, we have them almost all nearby.

If we just want to get it over and done with during the Ching Ming, don’t you want it to be done early or at a more acceptable hours of 10am and just complete the process nearby? No offence intended but we have been so privileged over the years of having practically everything nearby and the crematorium being in the temple is a huge no-no?

The Sengkang crematorium does not cremate the deceased. So far, only Mandai Crematorium is the only place to cremate the deceased. The Sengkang crematorium is perhaps, wrongly named but maybe for the lack of a better word to place the urns of those dearly departed. On the other hand, I finally realised that the name is actually Fernvale Columbarium. I think that’s the name of the planned place.

Now, there will be no columbarium in Sengkang. Eventually, everyone grows old and will pass on.

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