Please Respect the Family

I was upset when I heard about the death of my aunt even though it was expected when my mother sent me a message that the doctors had said to prepare for the worst. What I didn’t expect to see when I saw the body of my poor aunt was that her face was green. The discolouration was due to the fact that she was injected with more medicines in hopes that the blood pressure would be stabilised but failed. In fact, her body changed colour including her urine. Green. That was what my mother witnessed when she visited her in the ICU. It scared my mother because it was not something that she had expected.


When my mother narrated to me the blow by blow account of what happened on that fateful day, it sounded like some slow motion horror story in a way. This full narration was made possible only because there was a CCTV installed in the home. They had hired a maid to help around the house because my grandma was no longer about to walk without assistance. The maid was basically busy with the daily routine while my aunt had gotten up as usual because she was unable to sleep. Hence, one thing led to another and she ate the entire cocktail bottle of medication for diabetes.

Long story short, I want to actually vent out my indignation at the mortuary “makeup artist”. The quotation marks are because she did a lousy job at the makeup. The discoloured face was really scary to look at and she couldn’t even do a half decent job at covering up those green parts. If she had made my aunt’s face look pale, I would not have been so upset. My aunt’s lips were painted in dull maroon. My immediate reaction was to lash out at the makeup person but I didn’t do so because the person had left. I hope whoever paid her did not tip her unless the payment was included in the package. I don’t know how those things go.

When I did some research on those mortuary makeup artistes, their basic roles are to respect the family because of various reasons. The main thing was to give the family closure. Sure, my aunt was no beauty in her lifetime but the basic thing the person could do was to at least put on the makeup to make her look like she was sleeping. However, the makeup person failed that aspect. It was as though the makeup was done in a hurry and totally reeked of shoddiness and disrespect for the family. If I know the name, I will publish the name. Seriously, get your act together because you won’t get any jobs with this kind of result!

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