Looking for Sewing Products in Chinatown

As my neighbourhood doesn’t have any sewing related shops, I had no choice but to go to Chinatown to get the supplies. I wanted to buy some fabrics to make new pillows as the store bought pillows are now flat and unable to support the neck and head. Since microbfibre is expensive, I wanted to find alternatives for pillow filling and found it in Sin Mui Heng in People’s Park Centre (Chinatown MRT, Exit C). The store sells fabrics that cost higher than the ones in People’s Park Complex (Chinatown MRT, Exit D) Hawker Centre. However, I need to buy pillow filling bulks and yet to discover where. Buying from AliExpress is only cheaper by a few dollars after conversion.


As I wanted to buy fabrics, I went to the ones above the hawker centre. I was there very early, about 9.30am, so, I went to get some breakfast and ended up with noodles. Porridge stalls opens earlier than other stalls and they don’t sell dough sticks! No soy bean drinks and dough sticks 🙁 So, I made do with handmade noodles ??.

When I went up at 10 plus, only 4 shops were opening and there was this lady in one of the shops, so, I went in as the boss was nice to her. I bought 2 fabrics from that shop, Sterling Textiles, with some discounts as I happened to be the 2nd person to buy in that morning. All fabric shops are located at the 2nd level and any seamstress will be spoilt for choices when walking around there.

If you really want to shop till you drop, try going there from 11am onwards when the owners are opening. Most shops would be opened by noon. That’s when you can start from one end to the other end. If you need other necessities, it’s also a good time to buy since they do sell at nearly warehouse prices. Do some price comparisons before paying and do have enough cash on hand. They don’t have Nets or credit card machines available. The ATM is located at 1st floor, so, reduce the trips and and down by having enough cash.

BTW, I went early in the morning because hubby had a medical appointment in the morning and I happened to be planning the trip for that day and went together. Buy more than enough fabrics so that it won’t be a wasted trip. I tend to cut more than generously since I prefer to have some spare fabric to cover.

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