Thrift Shopping Spree

I would have taken photos of my hauls from New2U Thrift Store and Family Hub at Tanglin Road but totally forgot to take them. However, I have managed to buy pre-loved clothes for myself and cut those T-shirts into shorts for home wear and toddler pants. I’ve also donated my clothes that no longer fit me, so very unfortunate for me, fortunate to whoever buys them (still in good condition hor). I still have dresses that I no longer wear either.


I’ll be selling them on Carousell since it’s said to be easy to use. Now, I should be sharing my spree experience on New2U and Family Hub, it’s a tiny shop full of clothes and clothes and more clothes. It’s a huge difference from Family Hub that’s by Salvation Army. The Family Hub has more items that are still new from Groupon, I couldn’t believe that multipurpose dicer was being sold at the Family Hub! Those boxes were new and never used.

I must say that I like to buy things from New2U during their Half-Priced days that occur every last 2 working days of the month. Clothes that cost $6 can be bought at $3. The Half-Priced days are only for clothes, all other items will be at the tagged prices. While I was at the Family Hub, it took a while to know where it was since there was no huge signboard. In fact, the building was just opposite of the Grace Assembly of God Church. It’s about 500 metres away from Redhill MRT. I only turned around and found an A4 sized paper stating Family Hub, that was when I realised that it was just next to a bus stop.

New2U is a few minutes walk away from Bras Basah MRT which also took me a while to get to know the building since it’s only 1 storey high. The place is filled with clothes more than other things, did I mention that before? After my initial trip there, I felt this itch to go there again and again. My second trip was less fruitful though. I did remember to bring along my old clothes to be donated.

As for Family Hub, I donated my shoes, those wedges that I used to wear, the place has more shoe variety at the time I visited. It was also raining, so, there wasn’t much people around. They had just moved to the place from Serangoon and it seemed that not a lot of people knew about it.

Oh yea, I found this at the Family Hub.

Antique merry go round. At Tanglin Road opposite Grace Assembly of God.

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I like to go thrift shopping again. Most likely, I’ll be going again just before Chinese New Year. Maybe I try the Salvation Army at Upper Bukit Timah Road as it’s the largest.

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