Recycling Broken Umbrellas

Recently, I am looking at broken umbrellas, strange but I feel that there must be a way to reuse that fabric portion even if I can’t dismantle the strokes/metal thingy parts. So, I searched for ways to reuse those waterproof fabric portion and found that I can sew a bag. Yay! So, I did except that I have not done the handle part. I used this method but I think I made mine too big without reading through the instructions. Heck, I can always dump the bag into the trolley since it’s for carrying my stuff.


I have also been meddling with the idea of sewing a shoe rack cover since every month, the floor washer would wet my shoes, irksome but necessary part of his job to wash the floors. Not wet my shoes. Of course, I can always buy that covered shoe rack but I dislike the idea of the huge space being eaten up.

As the rainy season approached, I was toying with the idea of making a poncho for my child and eventually, I did it. It looked alright except that I had cut the hood way too big and it does cover the head nicely, when the wind blows, the hood will slip off. I would make a string to go through but my child would spend time telling me that the string is messing with her neck. So, I sewed the hood in a wrapped manner. The whole thing worked fine. I might make a larger version in future while I try to find a place to keep those umbrella fabrics.

My favourite ways to recycle those fabric right now is for shopping and poncho. I feel that it’s more useful to me than other ways.

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