Year End Cleaning

It’s the time of the year for cleaning up and the workplace is doing a major renovation and cleaning up, as I’m sitting near the art corner, I found somethings that can be recycled. Discoloured crepe paper, I was thinking about doing something with crepe paper and now, I have bundles of discoloured crepe paper. They were left out in the open without being enclosed in their original plastic covers; unfortunate for the actual art crafts, fortunate for me. I don’t mind them since I just want to play around with crepe paper.


With the loud drilling that lasts throughout the whole day, I might as well make myself do something else. Thus, it was my happiness when I found out that I could use the supplies from the art corner. I won’t need to buy anything and just used the acrylic paint to paint the insides of the empty bottles that I intend to make into bowling pins. Useful game for toddlers who love to destroy everything at a certain age despite me thinking that the destroying phase will never end.

I’ve also decided to use the poster colours to colour my A4 sized boxes since I’m using them to stack up and as shelves to do my personal food storage. I added a few lines of glitter glue and found out that the markers were dried up, so, I took the caps and am planning to make them into cups and jugs; doll sized.

I’m very much into recycling, just that I need time to use up the supplies that I have on hand now. Now, where is that foam cut out that they have in the art corner?

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