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I have been considering getting my own transport instead of relying on the bus. It has always been an infuriating and blessing for my relationship with the public transport. I hate, hate, hate missing the bus by mere inches away just because the driver has looked for traffic on the right. Usually, the next waiting time is 10 to 19 minutes. I totally hate that feeling because I could have boarded that bus. On better days, I board the bus within seconds or minutes of arriving at the bus stop. It isn’t that the bus is that bad. When you miss the transport by seconds, it is that feeling of awfulness that can just take over.


So, I was considering getting my own transport without selling myself. A 1600 CC car can cost a bomb or two. So, when LTA announced that the Twingo is allowed in Singapore, I was jumping for joy. Until I realise that it will take eons for LTA to decide which category the electric car will go into. This Twingo has been redesigned over the years and LTA is still sitting on the fence. First off, the land space is scarce and you are still wondering if you want to get buyers to require CEO for the car? Second, the charging stations for electric cars are also very little and you keep talking (only) about going green but I have yet to see any increase in the number of electric cars.

So, I have let my mind go into another world of transport, the electric scooter. No, not Vespa. Since I can cycle for nuts, I might as well settle for something that isn’t so intimidating. I do however, hope that DD will get the electric bicycle so that I can just a ride with a seat behind him. That way, I don’t have to do much hard work.

I am still with the idea of a small car so that I can dump my stuff in the car. Just need to find a way to shield myself from the wet weather and hot sun for Twingo. That’s if Twingo will ever be allowed.

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2 comments on “Transport for Work

  1. Here in Italy, Twingo is considered as a 125cc scooter and can be driven by those with a motorcycle license. It’s interesting because you could even charge it with a regular power source. Hope for all the best for you 🙂