Aquamarine High Tea for Teacher’s Day

I had the opportunity for high tea on 4 Sept and I don’t think I enjoyed it since the place allowed 300 over people from 2 schools to celebrate high tea there at the same start time. That itself was a bad arrangement. You see the messy queues and trying to avoid hitting other people’s plates; it was a total failure of crowd management from Aquamarine at Marina Mandarin Hotel itself.


No sane person who had not eaten anything much just to save the stomach for the high tea would want to queue for 20 minutes fighting with other people at the same buffet line. The management at Aquamarine must have been thinking about money or just really lousy crowd control. You could’t do crowd control like having staggered start time? Your high tea time starts at 2pm, you could have informed the schools to have one at 2pm and the other at 3pm. However, the management at Aquamarine didn’t really think through the process and the frustration at queuing just for food. No proper buffet line arrangement made. I didn’t really enjoy the high tea.

I only had salty vegetarian noodles and desserts. That was really a bad experience and it makes me unable to recommend the place to others. The service from the waiters and waitresses were excellent, they kept refilling my water and emptying the table of empty plates. Other than that, I was not satisfied at all.

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