Lousy SingPost Service

I have placed orders with a number of sellers before and normally, I have received my items. There was once, I had my item being delayed by a ridiculous 14-day ordeal. Apparently, despite the selling stating the correct address, the postman was unable to send it to me. They dared to say my address doesn’t exist. Dear SingPost, update your maps and your people! Luckily, the package was sent back to the seller who had to write my address. Again. This time, I received 2, the seller was kind enough to resend a new one. The send item was because the seller thought that the initial item was lost. As the seller was nice, the item cost me $15 at that time, I sent a message to the seller regarding the extra set. I didn’t need to pay for the second one. Very nice of the seller.


I had another lost item, never mind that it was won from a contest, it still cost money. The item is an OtterBox and anyone who uses OtterBox, genuine OtterBox, will know how much a simple iPhone case cost. As the organiser forgot to put a return address, that package was lost. Forever. A subsequent replacement was sent via SmartPac. See how much trouble people have to go through just to make sure the item gets delivered to the correct address?

Finally, I have this recent item that I bought for $8 online and it is lost. Like forever. I know the risks of lost mails but the package is able to fit into a mailbox and it isn’t just a piece of A4 folded into an envelope. How can an item with the dimensions of 15cm x 9cm x 3cm be lost mail?! SingPost, are your people stealing or blind or simply lost in the urban jungle of Singapore?!

I have no idea why something the size of slightly bigger than an iPad mini can ever be lost. SingPost, in short, you are just trying to cheat people of using your registered mail service for profits.

This is an angry rant at SingPost, thus, anything will be directed at SingPost even if it sounds unreasonble. SingPost is to be blamed. When an item that is bigger than the size of bills being sent monthly, it is SingPost at fault. Items that big cannot be lost. Those packages can’t just be gone like that!

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