5 Meaningful Children’s Day Gift

With Children’s Day around the corner, the school has invited vendors to sell wholesale prices in the staff lounge. It’s nice because I can buy them at a reasonable price. On the other hand, I don’t need to buy in bulk as I don’t have any form class. I just want to buy a few for the kids I know. Thus, I like the following meaningful gifts, IMO.


Pretty Post It Notes – Really suitable for those who love to take notes with tabs.

Cute Bookmarks – Schools are teaching the kids to read more, so, bookmarks are great gifts.

Fancy Pens – Which kid doesn’t love those collapsible pens?

Cute Card Holders – Kids love to show off their love for certain cartoon characters. Why not buy one for yours?

More Fancy Pens – Pens are really useful when they are still schooling. An excuse to get one for yourself too.

There are many more gifts to be given but which would you prefer to buy?

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