5 Movie Items That I Want

Watching movies over the years have given me something that I know I like. Those props that the movie set have. Here’s the top 5 that I really like and want to have.

  1. Arwen Evenstar – It’s so pretty!
  2. Harry Potter Wands Chopsticks – Might as well make those wands useful, right? I’m very sure this DIY version works. Now, to find those spare chopsticks that are lying around.
  3. Timer Turner – I totally love the mobility of this from Harry Potter!
  4. Danbo – Not exactly from a movie but when I saw the photos of what others have taken with this posable figurine, I knew I had to buy it. I managed to buy a set of the original design with Amazon printed on it.
  5. Dancing Baby Groot – How can I miss this cute dancer? Apparently, there are no plans to make replicas for sale even if this lil critter is adorable. So sad. However, those creative crafters have come out with their version of baby Groot, awesome, right?

What’s your favourite prop?

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