Undercover Boss Realisations

I have been watching Undercover Boss on Netflix. All thanks to DD’s subscription and I’m the only one using it because he is mostly watching his Hong Kong dramas. At this point, it is always a good thing to have a partner who is able to pay for such subscriptions and I just use. The Starhub cable TV subscription has been showing re-runs after re-runs. The very expensive TV is now gathering dust and I wonder why on earth did we buy it in the first place. I think at that point in time, we never thought of using Netflix because we just didn’t know which VPN service is good.


I have watched Charmed, the whole series; mainly because I missed a few of the series and wanted to see what I missed out on. The most recent show is Undercover Boss. I first watched it on Channel 5. When the seasons kept being showed on and off, I got fed up with the inconsistency and stopped watching it until recently.

After watching a few episodes, I realised that the top management for quite a number of companies, they have this thing for production and increasing production and sales. That is until they do the actual job that is directly related to the sales and production. They can’t even load the conveyors without bringing the line to a stop because they couldn’t catch up with the speed of the belts or they had placed the items wrongly.

One of the companies CEO realised that the pay freeze actually hurts the employees. Another learnt that by cutting the costs to certain things, the employees no longer have discounted meals on site even though they are in the restaurant, yet another realised that the heat can make the employees encounter heat exhaustion. One CEO who is very passionate about having fun, realised that the things that he has done, are just not enough or just redundant for the employees. They work in the company that provides fun but not fun for the employees, throughout the episode, he was hearing nothing but complaints from everyone.

It is good to know that the big boss tries to find out what is missing and what can be rectified. I have worked for different companies before and I know which are the ones that I have worked the longest for different reasons. The first company was due to the fact that I didn’t know any better. It was after all, my first full time job. The management didn’t know how to show appreciation for the employees.

My second job was even worse. Utterly lack of communication and everything was thrown to me just because I was the IT person in the company. I didn’t want to convert from probation at all. The third was just formal. Very formal to the point where I didn’t feel welcome. I had good bosses in subsequent jobs but there was this missing thing. I wanted to go into writing. It was later on that I prefer to write for fun instead of writing as a job. Once writing turns into a job, I would not be happy. I have since given up on going into the writing jobs. Perhaps I should consider freelance writing. There isn’t much opportunities in Singapore. It isn’t a popular job opening. The overseas writing jobs require me to relocate even though the jobs can be done from home.

I have stayed so long at this current job only because the boss is super nice. She shows a lot of appreciation from time to time. She even helped me resolve one issue whereby one teacher was just taking over my lessons and belittling me in front of her class. I feel indebted to this current boss more than the others.

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