Prayers for MH 370

It has been days since the Malaysia Airlines, MH370 has been missing. Within hours, speculations have started coming in. This adds on to the growing list of conspiracies and aliens. The whole things smells of Bermuda Triangle.


It doesn’t help that the families of those on board are worried sick. There is no sign of the airplane any where at all. With this going on, Facebook has been hit with spam that actually make people click those malware sites. These are the people who are evil. Not the speculated aliens. Even if the pilot is suspected to be suicidal, there would be traces of the airplane somewhere on earth. There is no way that a pilot would find a place to hide the large Boeing. Unless, they managed to travel to another dimension ala The Langoliers style.

I pray that the airline with the people are found soon. It is heartbreaking for a mother to wait for news of her only child. It is heartbreaking for a son to wait for the news of his parents. It is heartbreaking for anyone to wait for news of their family members where the airline has somehow disappeared from the face of earth.

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