Chinese New Year Goodies Purchase

I have no plans to invite anyone to my home. Yet, I buy those Chinese New Year goodies like my favourite Arrowhead chips, Kueh Bungkits and more. These are only sold just before the Chinese New Year. They are also expensive to buy. The prices only go down on the eve of Chinese New Year and even more after the 1st 3 days have passed.


Unfortunately, the hot favourites like Arrowhead chips, Lotus Root chips, and many others are usually sold out. The leftovers are Pineapple tarts and some other cookie flavours. I have not bought any Pineapple tarts this year because last year, I devoured the whole contain myself. Own self bought, own self eat.

I ended up buying 2 containers of Arrowhead chips. I eat those very fast. Sometimes, in just 4 sittings. Madness. I have yet to lose that darn weight after giving birth more than a year ago. Looks like it’s not going away just yet, my daughter is eating food like steamed cake and she can’t possibly finish those adult sized portions. Going to watch what I buy outside because she can now share our food, I just need to buy those that she can eat and I like to eat. DD isn’t that careful about choosing his food all the time because he has never had to share his food, not with me either. I often end up buying food that can cater to our daughter.

I just know that this year, I’m going to eat all those snacks by myself again. DD isn’t a fan of snacks anyway. Currently, I can have them all. Just have to be careful not to eat in front of our girl. She can’t eat those things yet.

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