Mad Rush for Haze Masks

Earlier in June 2013, there was this mad rush for the haze masks. Any masks were sold out very fast because the PSI went up to 200 and 400 range. I had coughs in those days. I have no idea why the heck we had not stopped work despite the dangerous levels. Unfortunately, I had to take leave to bring my daughter to the polyclinic for her injection when it hit 400 over. People in the streets were staring at me as if I had gone bonkers for bringing a young child out with such a dangerous level of air pollution.


Not that I had any choice. She was starting to teeth and injections at polyclinics are a pain because it is difficult to get the time and date that I want. I still blame the management for not taking action when it 200 and tell us to stop working. It was after that, then they informed us that if there is any closure to the school, we would stop working. The PSI never went up to more than 300 after that huge wave of 400. Despite the fact that 6 months have passed, I’m still not happy that they didn’t bother about our health so that we could work when school reopened.

Anyway, the prices for the famous 3M masks hit as high as $60 to $100 per box of 30 pieces. Eventually, we had supplies coming in and people still think that Singapore is in China. Then, my husband told me, actually, there is this city in China called Singapore. Unfortunately, I can’t find proof and found that in Michigan, there is a ghost town called Singapore. Have I blogged about this before?

In conclusion, this was just to well, get it off my chest that the management didn’t bother to put a stop work order when the air quality got so bad and no masks for us either. Thanks hor.

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