Lifestyle Adjustments

Having given birth, I have no time to do my own stuff besides eat, sleep and look after baby. The only personal time that I have if I bring my girl home during the weekends would be the toilet itself. That is when I can bathe albeit anxiously because she would fuss if she can’t see me after more than 15 minutes and my husband would have to distract her with stuff. She doesn’t play with toys. The tons of toys that have been given by relatives are now cast aside for TV remote control, air-con remote control, handphones, house keys and real world stuff.


I call her my koala bear. My maternal grandma calls her the sticky tape or sticky glue or super glue. She is super sticky if she is around people she isn’t familiar with. Sigh. It’s called a stage of stickiness. After this stage, she may never want to be near me again until she needs me. I went through that stage before.

Whenever I go out, I have to see her. There is this sense of protectiveness when I think of her. Housework is now just limited to dumping the clothes into the washing machine and hang them on the poles to dry; Magic Clean is my best friend to clean up the floor of hair. The slow cooker and rice cooker are my best cooking buddies.

Updating my blogs is a hassle when I can’t have the luxury of time to source for images and type without someone calling out for me. Since turning one, she is rather vocal with her needs. Very insistent at making sure that her needs are met too. Babies can be very persistent in what they want. They go after their goals with gusto and don’t care if the place is too dangerous to sit (my girl has banged her head twice by being too enthusiastic in her endeavours). Life has changed a lot since her arrival and while I wished to have my own time to do stuff; it has been rather fulfilling to have a child whom I am responsible for.

Needless to say, my fashion has gone to the winds and I’m in T-shirts and capri most of the time. My fingernails have been trimmed so that in the case of her choking on some food, I can just insert my fingers to dig the offending food out. The clothes that I buy are often for my girl to wear when she goes out with us. I have since resorted to buying clothes online. Thankfully, some shops offer clothes that are decent enough to wear to work.

There are so many places that I want to go to; Gardens by the Bay, Zoo, Bird Park and many others. I am now happy to visit family friendly malls and those with nursing rooms that I can lock to breastfeed. The journey has been eventful and I am happy to have a family.

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