Difference Between Blogging and Writing

Having been blogging for years, seriously, I just realised that I have been blogging for years. Although I haven’t been updating much her but still, it is my blog and I don’t have to apologise for the lack of updates. Now, if I can recall which blogger actually said that. This blog is my responsibility, so there.


I discovered WattPad a few weeks back and found gems. Those authors are good. Really good at capturing the essence of the story. I found many popular cliche stories there. The overused themes like werewolf, vampire, nerdy girl likes playboy jock, rock hard abs for 16 years old boys (I have never seen anyone like that during my time, so enlighten me if you have), student and teacher relationship (seriously, 24 years old man teaching 17 years old. Someone can enlighten me if it’s possible? None of my lecturers in Poly were drool-worthy) and others that I don’t need to mention.

Cliche being cliche, the scary part and the real reason why they aren’t published; well, I don’t want to hurt or insult anyone here but the cringe-worthy grammar and spelling really turns me off from continuing to read.

I don’t need to establish the fact that there is a difference between ‘no’ and ‘know’. They mean totally different things. Maybe I should get myself hired as an editor or proofreader there. That means time. To me, blogging means I can use the lingo like “LOL”, “BTW”, “LMAO”, etc. Writing as in writing for magazines or books and e-books, proper sentences and correct usage of grammar is of importance to me.

In order to keep me reading, I go for story lines that are realistic bordering on being dramatic. Stories that are jumbled up without any coherent sense make me want to edit the stories to death. Unfortunately, I haven’t established relationships with the authors, hence, I can only find other good writers there.

I started posting my old stories there, I must say, those old stories were really on the depressing side. And really for mature eyes only.

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