Dog Whisperer

I like dogs enough to pet them. However, I suspect that I am reduced to brain puddle when it comes to dogs that look the following.

Okay, granted, these are puppies. They look so cute! Anyway, watching Dog Whisperer has given me quite a lot of insight to getting dogs to behave the way you want them to. Cesar Millan has this touch with the different breeds of dogs that makes their owners amazed with his simple finger pointing and a “Tsst”. Like magic.

What I really like about his teaching owners what and how is that he emphasizes on the energy being projected. Positive, calm and assertive energy. Even when the dogs scratch him and the dog owners look horrified at the blood on him, he tells them it’s just a scratch. I’ve seen some dog owners feeling guilty because they asked for his help and their dogs just hurt him instinctively. Cesar always assures them as he reminds them that dogs feel energy. They feed on energy.

Throughout the seasons of Dog Whisperer, I’ve gained a lot of information when it comes to dogs. Face to face to any dogs means confrontation and aggression when you don’t mean it. It’s animal instinct to survive in the wild. The best lesson about dogs? They live in the moment, whatever that is past, it stays in the past. Us humans tend to dig out the past mistakes and live in the past without moving on.

Although I dearly love to pet dogs, it is advisable to have no eye contact, no touch and no talking to any dogs for the 1st time. Dogs sniff for a reason. Ignoring them instead of screaming “DOG! GO AWAY!” helps to show that you are just letting them explore. Dogs have no reason to bite when they sense no aggression from another being.

Sometimes, I wonder if people are afraid of dogs because of their sharp teeth or horror stories from aggressive dogs.

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  1. You might also might want to watch “It’s me or the dog” with Victoria Stillwell. It’s a very informative and interesting show about dog training and behaviour 🙂