Rising Prices Equivalent to Inflation?

Through the years, I’ve seen prices being increased by 10% to 50%. The interesting part is that during the Great Singapore Sales, the prices magically slashed to 90% or up to 90%. After looking at the products being sold during the sales, the conclusion is that those are unwanted stuff or unable to clear the stock. In other words, they could also be out of season stuff, especially clothes.


Not that I mind a lot. However, I’m still curious as to whether the price increment is equivalent to the inflation according to the Consumer Price Index. In that case, the age old question comes to mind; “How come my pay doesn’t increase?!”. It’s a direct question without a direct answer. Been hearing this phrase for years now.

What triggered this is the price increments just after our much publicised May 2011 General Elections. I don’t know if it was timed according to whatever conspiracy theory that some have but if I were to ever really record the dates of the events, maybe, just maybe, I’ll find the reason behind it. For most people, money has always being the main focus of their lives.

80% of their time is spent trying to make ends meet. In reality, the ends never meet, that’s why they are called ends, IMO. Therefore, in my quick search, I decided to look for the Inflation Calculator. It returned some results that made me relook at my current situation again. By doing the same thing and hoping for something else or better results, I’m crazy. There is no way I can still use the same route to get to where I really want to be. This has been proven for the past working years of my life.

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