Long Weekend for Chinese New Year

This year, the CNY has a long weekend, so long that most of us refuse to accept the fact that it is over and we still need to go to work. A really tough effort in making the trip to the office. All I remember about the days that passed is that with each red packet received, questions about the marital status is a companion. The question never gets old until you ask them a question.


Funny how people can speak good and not so good words during this festive period. For the rest of the year, people start talking more about the things they hate and the things they hate keep haunting them because of frequent speech. I spent 2 days of visiting and eating. More eating at each house despite telling them you are full. F-U-L-L. Full. Time to hit the exercise mode.

I went to the Sentosa Flower Show with DD. Nearly got heat stroke despite drinking lots of water and avoiding the hot sun as much as possible. Got a slight sun burn on the upper arms. Weird. This time, I was smart enough to wear jeans and t-shirt. That way, I protected myself from being fried.

At this moment, I feel like I have stuffed a year’s supply of Chinese New Year’s food within 3 days of visiting.

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