Where are You, Happy Clouds?

It’s been raining for the past few days and it feels like December all over again. I only realised the drastic change when I heard that a volcano had erupted. Nature is trying to reset its thermostat. The wet days are dreary, I hope the Happy Clouds pass by soon. I’m back to looking for rain shoe covers and one caught my attention, the one being sold to sports people.


Best part is that it’s zipped and velcro for adjusting the tightness around the calf. Different sizes available too!

This one is able to tighten on the ankle, seems that I won’t feel as if it’s dropping off then.

One of my favourite design of rain shoe cover, bootie style from Shuella. However, the price is truly something else. The alternative option is at the price of buying wholesale of 1,000 pairs. Geez.

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