The Rookie

In life, we want to have some form of success. Be it career or something else. We just want to have a chance at being recognized for doing something we feel is the right thing to do. Hence, we have so many contests and here we have one contest for the dream job.


Some of you might not have heard of The Rookie, a search for 12 dynamic individuals to find career success. In addition to watching the contestants battle it out in weekly webisodes, vote for your favourite contestant and win a Nokia E72.

The Rookie, a reality show, is similar to The Apprentice whereby the contestants are divided into 2 teams. Each gets their own Nokia E72 and complete the tasks via this mobile device. In one of the tasks, they have to come up with a creative ad design for Microsoft. The task puts to test their creative and management skills.

Now, you may ask why Nokia E72. E72 is the successor to E71. There’s the Nokia Messaging, supports real time emails like Hotmail and Gmail. With so many functions for business and personal use, it is the tool to help The Rookie win the dream job of a lifetime.

If you are wondering which of the four companies the winners will be in, they are Nokia, Microsoft, Zouk and Standard Chartered. Want to win Nokia E72 for yourself? Only 2 sets available. Go predict the winner!

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