My Affair with Skechers

I went shopping with my mother recently. Supposed to be just window shopping. As we checked out the clothes and caps and shoes, it was towards the end of our trip at Jurong Point that my mum pointed out Skechers. The only shoe shop that we spent the most time in. My mother wanted to find some rain boots. Like what Phua Chu Kang wears although not so loud. She end up with this.


Not the exact colour since I don’t remember the model but it belongs to the Shape Up range. I tested the shoes and found my arches being supported. The sole is curved for better walking purposes. There’s a bounce to the walk and the posture felt better. However, it isn’t for training like running or playing badminton. Purely for walking. The reason is the shape of the sole.

My mother tried 3 sizes before she was satisfied with it. I wanted covered shoes for work purpose and the pair looked too sporty for my work. Therefore I tried this pair.

My feet looked weird. Not sure why. So I tried this pair.

Let’s just say that my arch would ache by 3 hours. Nice pair though. I tried various pairs but all ate the back of my feet. There were a few others that brought me back to school feeling.

Eventually, my mother showed me a pair. Not what I had in mine but I tried it anyway since it wasn’t a heel, just good enough for my work that requires standing most of the time. It’s a boot like sandals with zip. Comfortable. Check out Skechers if you like. The quality of the shoes are truly good.

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