Threadless Tees Crazy Prints

I have no other terms to name those prints. Some are crazy while others are just great. My favourite designs often run out of stock when there’s a sale. Threadless is often coming up with sales every now and then. That’s when it’s the best time to get those t-shirts that make you stand out.


Real cool idea for the above t-shirt print. The UV ink only appears when you are under the sun. I guess it works best in Singapore.

I have no idea what the fridge is running away from though.

A totally cheeky print.

This design is to show the plight of the polar bears. Design titled “Permafrost Pollution”.

I didn’t know that the kitchen appliances were ninjas. The bands remind me of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles too.

I just like the above designs. Not too loud for my taste. The ones that I feel are rather loud are shown below.

I am not sure why but I am reminded of Halloween.

The poor birdy.

Not quite sure why there’s a human in there suddenly.

While I like unicorns and rainbows, I just didn’t appreciate how these two were combined.

Whatever it is, what I dislike, maybe you like. Reprints have to really buy them on the first day as the t-shirts sell like hotcakes.

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