Table Mess

It is a well known fact that I have a messy table at home despite the numerous nagging from my dear mother. Modobs decided to create a new meme about office or home desks. Ah, great, just when I am no longer in my very neat cubicle.

Before I start, the rules:

  1. Describe your desk at the office or at home
  2. Put a picture of it if you can
  3. Explain why you sort it (or don’t)
  4. Tag other people

What’s there to describe a messy table? I can start with receipts from various stores I have purchased from, bills, used envelopes, box containing a piece of half completed cross-stitch, mobile phones, chargers for my mobile phones and bluetooth ear piece, laptop, external hard disk, makeup set, makeup brushes, 3 water bottles and a table lamp.

I have never measure how large my desk is, right now, it’s a mountain that is on a balance scale. My work desk is always very neat. Feeling proud of myself now. I just feel overwhelm to clean up the table at home. (Defensive mode).

I don’t sort it as it’s organised mess. I do pay my bills on time. I know where my makeup set is. I can find my chargers and whatever it is. I’m so glad that I’m following these tips.

Finally, I’m curious about desks of Miss Loi, DK and The Young Businessman.

5 comments on “Table Mess

  1. Let me first try to take a photo of The Temple’s table after a series of hardcore weekend sessions, and you might start to appreciate the mayhem I go through each week :\

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