Day 1: Lasik Evaluation and Operation

I arrived late at the MRT due to my animated talk with my youngest brother. Was supposed to meet HF at 9am at the platform. She arrived at 8.54am while I was just packing to get out of the house. Oh my. I half-ran to the station and managed to meet her at the escalator.


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We proceeded towards our station for the eye evaluation for Lasik at Paragon Medical. When we arrived at the lifts, there was a long queue. It was 10am, we were wondering what was going on at 10am in Orchard. The kids were in the queue and we simply hadf no idea. The lifts came and went. We were still stuck on level 1. Our appointment was 10am.

In the end, we decided to take the fire lift, again. We had taken it for the Lasik forum the other time. Finally, we reached the clinic for our eye evaluation. It’s free for those who have attended the forum. The waiting time was average since there were a lot of people undergoing the test too.

We started the test at around 10.20am and ended at 12.30pm. The tests were routine, checking your eye power and the measurements of the cornea. The part for the eye pressure was a little scary. The puffs of air blown into each eye made me jump. I would have jumped higher had the nurse not informed me before it.

HF jumped as the nurse didn’t tell her. I took some repeats as I kept moving my eyes a little. Fortunately, I could focus at a fixed spot once the nurse told me not to move. Oops. Finally, the tests ended with a personal consultation with the doctor himself. I was assigned to Dr Jon Goh. A rather nice man although he appeared a little aloof during the forum.

Due to eye drops, my vision wasn’t that good after the tests. HF had trouble focusing. In the end, we gave up trying to focus and navigated our ways through the crowds when the space was big enough. The fine words were rather trying too.

After lunch, we went to Far East Plaza for some shopping. I bought some hair clips. I think I buy too many hair clips. I did my plaits for the operation with the new hair clips. I think they are supposed to glow in the dark once they have absorbed enough light.

HF decided not to carry on with the operation as she had driving lessons the next day. I choose to take the operation. We went back to the clinic at 5.15pm for some pre-operation preparations. The nurse explained the procedure for the operation and I was assigned to a comfortable sofa to await my turn.

I adjusted my position on the bed a few times for it was perfect for the start of the operation. I was to focus on the blinking light. I tried to focus and managed most of the time. The suction was slightly painful due to the pressure. However, it didn’t last long.

I blacked out during the cut as it was normal and started to focus on the blinking light again. The pulses began after the flap was opened and I did notice some burning smell. I didn’t know if I was still blinking my other eye each time after the cut. I do know that I noticed a hazy vision with some clear parts.

After the operation, Dr Goh verified that the flap was done smoothly before letting me out of the operation theatre. I had a cloudy vision and took my seat again. The tears were the side effects and I was tearing non-stop. I think I suffered the worst among the rest.

HF was outside and counting those who have completed theirs. They looked fine with one even using the handphone to SMS. When I finally came out, I was tearing and nearly blind, she was shocked. She led me to the seat at the reception while we wait for DD.

I was in no condition to take th MRT and wasn’t keen to get bumped into either. DD led me to the taxi stand and we waited for one to take me and HF home.

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