Convocation Family Portrait

It took me a few rounds of phone calls before finding a studio that had a free slot before 3pm. Of all days, it had to rain. Heavily. I settled on Gloria Photo Studio in the end as it was able to have a slot before 3pm. The photographer was very friendly and made us feel comfortable.


Even the brother who loved to give stern faces for each and every family photo smiled. I had specifically stated to the men in the family that they had to smile. If not, I will make them pay. Thankfully, they did smile for the camera.

The session took about 30 minutes. The style for convocation photos for this studio is traditional. The background has stayed the same. So, for those who prefer modernised versions, it would be best to select other studios. This studio doesn’t provide makeup for the ladies either. That’s why the package is cheaper than DeCharacter and The Makeup Inc (both that I initially wanted to choose).

A family portrait is important. If any of the family member feels that it isn’t, slap them upside down. If they dare to do that on your wedding day, give them two tight slaps.

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