My Grandfather Doted Me

August is approaching and every year, at this time, I’m reminded of my maternal grandfather. I still remember the scene vividly. He was lying on the floor with his face turning towards the door. His leg was broken due to the fall. He must have wanted to get his favourite cup of coffee despite the doctor’s advice against drinking it due to his stroke.


That was my most memorable event because I had felt unease since morning. I was with my ex-colleagues for a game of badminton and had another appointment in the evening which I didn’t go eventually. There was this strong unease since 10am that day. I couldn’t even take a nap and felt hot for an hour exactly while tossing in bed. That was when I received a call from my mother sobbing to tell me that unfortunate news.

I wasn’t feeling much except shock. When the news finally sank in, my heart just broke. He doted on me the most and always gave me some money out of the blue. This year is the 3rd anniversary. Time does fly past when you don’t make use of it. While others may not treasure their lives, we should. Things may not be going well at the moment but we can always make use of this opportunity to turn things around.

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