DD’s on leave for this week and I’ve yet to meet up with him. I’m upset that there was a last minute testing to be done and had already applied to use my replacement leave for it today. I had to cancel it because I had forgotten to let my colleagues know.


The problem is that this period is rather critical and I have to complete my part and I seem to end up doing high profile projects. Goodness me. Before I left the previous place, I was doing something that was nearer to VVIP usage which end up being under-utilised because the users were unhappy with the mirade of fields. VVIPs were very happy with it because it’s easy to do a search and they can look at the information at a glance. Unfortunately, it comes with a price, you have to fill in every field in order to make it work. It was very stressful working there because everything was urgent.

The other problem is that the 1st meeting came after my leave was approved and I’m really disappointed that I can’t meet up with DD for anything, not even dinner. I’m really upset because I’ve to change my plans and I really want to spend more time with him. I don’t know why it’s so difficult.

I just hope that the upgrading is smooth.

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