Comments, Anyone?

I wanted to put up a poll here but the scripts can’t be put up here. I forgot what the question was after so long. I mean, who actually will read my blog here, right? No one leaves any comments since I think my posts are mostly rants. However, I think I’ve not employed the techniques to invite comments here. Although I know that my blog is being read, I’m not sure who is reading except for those who leave comments.


I doubt anyone will go back to my previous posts to put links to them except me. :mrgreen: I try to put relevant links that my friends have posted. Unfortunately, for Friendster Blogs, it doesn’t provide search inside the blog itself. I remember my friend posting it but don’t know when. Most of them don’t put up sidebars with archives and that’s why I can’t link to that post. I guess that’s why I migrated here.

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