Random Thoughts

Singaporeans Have it Good, We Just Don’t See it

Living in Singapore all my life, I have experienced peace. A peace of mind where I can go out and come home at night safely. Something that India and Indonesia women don’t enjoy. They have to guard against rapists and … read more


Goodbye and Thank Yew, Lee Kuan Yew

Since the day the news announced that Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed away, I have refrained myself from saying much. The news have broadcasted all his past achievements in many documentaries and old videos. He was the most prolific politician … read more


Human Factors in Strays, Not Strays

Often, it’s easy to blame the strays for the rats infestation. That’s a huge thing only because it happened in Bukit Batok MRT station and can be seen by everyone. There are irresponsible feeders who feed and just leave the … read more


Inescapable Renovation at Work

It’s the school holidays and the school is beginning a long planned for renovation and changes to the school building. That is fine if I can stay home and work from home. The drilling noise has given me headaches for … read more

Health and Fitness

Free Tickets for Still Alice

Since I haven’t been watching movies at the cinema, I was just whacking every contest for a pair of movie tickets as long as they aren’t horror genre. So, out of about 5 contests, I got one pair from Golden … read more


That Shopaholic Feeling

Whenever I have to attend a wedding or any event, I feel like I have to buy new clothes, even if my photos won’t be appearing multiple times, I just like that feeling of new clothes. So, I decided to … read more