Random Thoughts

The Love for Convertible Dresses

I started to look for new clothes because I’m running out of clothes to wear. Actually, it’s the “sick-of-the-same-old-clothes” syndrome. After recycling the clothes, I’m officially tired of the current clothes of wearing them too frequently in just 2 weeks. … read more


Anti Gambling Campaign Gone Wrong or Is It?

I’m not sure why people are so critical of the efforts of┬áNational Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG). Before the results of the World Cup 2014 was announced, nobody paid much notice to it till Germany won against Brazil. Suddenly, the … read more


Dog Whisperer

I like dogs enough to pet them. However, I suspect that I am reduced to brain puddle when it comes to dogs that look the following. Okay, granted, these are puppies. They look so cute! Anyway, watching Dog Whisperer has … read more


Coin Tree

Side Business Ideas

I have always been on the lookout for side businesses to do because of my previous experience and there is also the problem of retrenchment that comes every 6 to 7 years depending on the economy. The economy is doing … read more

Health and Fitness

Chinese New Year Goodies Purchase

I have no plans to invite anyone to my home. Yet, I buy those Chinese New Year goodies like my favourite Arrowhead chips, Kueh Bungkits and more. These are only sold just before the Chinese New Year. They are also … read more


Deplorable Acts of Disrespect for the Dead of MH17

It is shocking that the Malaysia Airlines has suffered yet another setback of a plane that went off the grid. This time, it is allegedly said to be shot down. What a terrible way to do to a commercial airline. … read more