Random Thoughts

Time for New Shoes

I love shoes and always look for comfortable ones to wear. Currently, I’m debating which pair to buy since 3 pairs of mine have gone to the shoe heaven. I’m wary of heels since I tend to teeter and totter, … read more


Delayed Gratification – Pay it Forward

Often, I don’t practice enough paying it forward. It’s just so hard to look around and not be looked upon like some weirdo trying to make eye contact. Or trying to beat level 417 of Candy Crush. Die you tornado, … read more


Human Factors in Strays, Not Strays

Often, it’s easy to blame the strays for the rats infestation. That’s a huge thing only because it happened in Bukit Batok MRT station and can be seen by everyone. There are irresponsible feeders who feed and just leave the … read more


Inescapable Renovation at Work

It’s the school holidays and the school is beginning a long planned for renovation and changes to the school building. That is fine if I can stay home and work from home. The drilling noise has given me headaches for … read more

Health and Fitness

Free Tickets for Still Alice

Since I haven’t been watching movies at the cinema, I was just whacking every contest for a pair of movie tickets as long as they aren’t horror genre. So, out of about 5 contests, I got one pair from Golden … read more


Planning for Travelling in 2015

It’s time to check out those deals for travelling. The public holidays in Singapore for 2015 fall on quite a number of Fridays. So, DD wants to travel with me. We haven’t travelled together for quite some time and my … read more